Glass Bottom Boat Tour around Crete

WiFi has been spotty since leaving the Peach House, so I apologize for not updating regularly.

201367 boat ride8
Our second – and last – full day in Crete, we decided to take the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

201367 boat ride2
I don’t have a ton of pictures because we used EM’s underwater cameras once things really got going,

201367 boat ride
but you can see a few of the sites, at least.

201367 boat ride3
It was a beautiful sunny day,

201367 boat ride5
and in our three hours, we saw all around the island.

201367 boat ride4
Admittedly there was less to see from the glass bottom,

201367 boat ride7
so we decided to just dive right in. Well, I kind of slowly climbed down from the ladder and into a hot pink inner tube, but that picture wouldn’t be as interesting.

201367 boat ride6
We were joined by a pirate ship blasting techno music.

201367 boat ride9
When we got back to shore, I visited this little church built right into the mountainside.

201367 boat ride10
I’ve spotted these little churches all over, everywhere we’ve been so far (I have way more pictures!),

201367 boat ride12
and they look very similar,

201367 boat ride11
but this was the first one I saw just kind of built right around the rocks. It’s one of my favorites.

0 thoughts on “Glass Bottom Boat Tour around Crete

  1. Nice. Zachary has a request, he would like to see more pictures of “Uncle Eli’s face”. He really liked the pic of me & Eli, where Eli is jumping off the boat & I’m swimming away in a pink bikini.

  2. What an incredible trip and experience. And I’m glad to see that you are getting (or taking) opportunities to sneak away and find these churches. That’s about the coolest ceiling I’ve seen … in some ways better than the Sistine Chapel.

    • I might have to do a whole post just on the churches, there have been so many. If I can ever come back, I think I’d make a point to just see as many churches as possible.

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