first day in Thessaloniki: Byzantine church, Ta Koumparakia restaurant

201368 aView
Views from our room…

201368 aView2

201368 aView3
Yesterday after arriving in Thessaloniki (and after a nice two-hour nap) we decided to try to find a certain restaurant. EM looked up the directions and we headed out…not realizing, for a very long time, the street signs are actually on the sides of buildings rather than, you know, on the STREET.

201368 bPark
So. We got a little lost. We wandered through a park…

201368 bPark2
where art was displayed –

201368 bPark3
lots of art!

201368 bPark4
music played and people danced, and there were tons of interesting things for sale. Local organic products, like honey & olive oil,

201368 bPark5
salsa, hot sauce & spicy chutneys (what is considered hot in Greece isn’t so spicy to us Americans), handmade soaps. We saw lots of produce, spices, and pottery. All kinds of cool stuff.

201368 cWandering
We saw the Thessalonians are still celebrating Christmas.

201368 cWandering2
We found this neat, but poorly functioning, fountain…

201368 cWandering3
and wound up in the middle of some weird collaborative hippie/punk bicycle rally. Gotta love the European short shorts.

201368 cWandering4
We found the White Tower,

201368 cWandering5
explored random side streets,

201368 cWandering6
of course I had to stop at any and every shrine/chapel/church we passed,

201368 cWandering7
like this one.

201368 old church
And especially this one.

201368 old church3

201368 old church4

201368 old church5

201368 old church6

201368 old church7

201368 old church8

201368 old church9

201368 old church10

201368 old church11
We’re definitely not in Grand Rapids anymore (although Grand Rapids certainly does seem to have a church on every corner). By this time, hours had passed by and we were very hungry. We never did find the place we were looking for, but as we wandered past the little Byzantine church, we noticed something…

201368 old church12
a restaurant!

201368 old church13
This seemed like some kind of sign, so we sat down to eat.

201368 old church14
Fresh bread with a roasted red pepper spread,

201368 old church15
potato salad that was very nearly like Tete’s, a sweet red pepper stuffed with cabbage,

201368 old church16
rocket salad & fried summer squash (they call it summer squash, but I think it’s actually cusa), and my new favorite…

201368 old church17
gigantes, aka Giant Beans. When they’re cooked properly, they have a lovely creamy texture. I love it when there are tons of onions and lots of fresh dill in the tomato sauce (these didn’t have dill, but still managed to be awesome anyway).

201368 old church19
We sat outside, so close to the church we could probably lean over and touch it, but ran in to pay our bill when it started to rain.

201368 old church20
Inside we found it was charming and cozy. Oh, and I forgot to mention they gave us a free dessert (two little bowls of ice cream, EM ate them both) and for no reason whatsoever waived the cost of EM’s coffee. We ended up taking leftovers with us because the portion sizes were so big. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Thessaloniki, it was the best food we’ve had so far since leaving Tinos.

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    • Nooooo, you should move back home and we can all have family dinner together. The fried cusa isn’t like hers because they batter it, but it’s still really good. Just more fattening.

  1. Or she could move here. She’d love sharing a room & bunk bed with Z. Yeah, I noticed the batter…thought Tete used a non-vegan batter and stopped when you became vegan. Or maybe that was just for the cauliflower.

    • Yes, she never used a batter for the cusa. On the cauliflower she used some kind of egg wash, but now she just fries it plain.

      Dad will never let her leave. I’ll have to become rich so you can move here and we’ll all never have to work again. Help me invent something.

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