City Walls & Eptapyrgio

2013611 the walls
A view from our room. If you look towards the back, in the center, you see what looks like a castle. I jokingly suggested we should walk up there and take a look, but that was a silly thing to joke about. Because my brother likes very long walks, and climbing, and sweating, and…exercising. Gross.
So he liked the idea and we started our very long journey.

2013611 the walls2
Along the way we noticed this cool looking cemetery, I think it’s Evangelistria cemetery.

2013611 the walls3
We spent a half an hour or so wandering around, taking pictures. EM liked the really old graves,

2013611 the walls4
I’m partial to the ones with pictures.

2013611 the walls6
I also liked this area that appears to be a graveyard for old headstones.

2013611 the walls7
This was nice, too, but I didn’t have any pictures to contribute. Maybe next time.

2013611 the walls8
This is the cemetery church.

2013611 the walls10

2013611 the walls11
After we left the cemetery, we had lots of walking to do.

2013611 the walls12
Uphill walking. But when we got towards the top we were disappointed…

2013611 the walls13
we went the wrong way. Who would ever have thought to look at a map first???

2013611 the walls14
See that wall in the distance? We needed to be on the other side of that wall. We needed walk down a couple blocks and then, and back up again. Did I mention it was hot?

2013611 the walls15
We did find the path, though.

2013611 the walls16
Finally getting somewhere.

2013611 the walls17
We discovered these ruins in the park on our way up.

2013611 the walls18
I can’t find them on our map (yes, we did have a map the whole time, we just left it at the hotel), no idea what this is/was. But it was pretty cool. Then after walking uphill through the park, and up some stairs,

2013611 the walls19
I found this.

2013611 the walls20
Nothing fancy. We walked down the street past lots of restaurants with great views, and found…

2013611 the walls21
a huge wall. City Walls.

2013611 the walls22
So we were almost there…

2013611 the walls23
just had to keep going UP.

2013611 the walls24
Not quite there yet………….

2013611 the walls25
Made it!

2013611 the walls26
There people were smart and took the bus.

2013611 the walls27
Anyway, it was pretty neat in there.

2013611 the walls28
Great views from the top. The funny part is…

2013611 the walls29
this is what I was actually looking at when I said we should go up there. EM offered to keep going so we could see it, but I said I’d rather get some water and eat.

2013611 the walls30
Goodbye, Eptapyrgio!

2013611 the walls31
Couldn’t make it down without a quick stop, though.

2013611 the walls32
This is probably the nicest shrine I’ve found so far.

2013611 the walls33
I think all the others had icons hanging on the walls, but this one had them painted on all over.

2013611 the walls34
There was even a font.

2013611 the walls35

2013611 the walls36
There were lots of places to eat nearby, but we wanted to go back to one of the restaurants with a great view. I’ll post it next.

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