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So, ya know how you can select a Strict Vegetarian meal from the drop-down box while buying your plane ticket online? Apparently that’s not enough to actually get you a strict vegetarian meal. I learned that the hard way. Aegean airlines, like a good Yia Yia, always had a few extra anyway, but on my Lufthansa flights…

2013616 airport food
I was lucky to get a little snack mix or pretzels. And customs took away the banana I bought at the airport.

2013616 airport food2
Airport food is not too bad, sometimes. You have to know where to look. I’m not a huge fan of Sabra hummus, but I’ll eat it in a pinch. The Sardinian Vegetables from La Tapanade were just okay, but I did like the Italian Bean & Rosemary.

2013616 airport food3
My brother introduced me to Argo Tea. They’re pretty pricy, but the food is really good and they clearly mark items that are vegan or gluten free. I almost bought one of every vegan thing just so I could try it, but I couldn’t justify spending $5 per muffin.

2013616 airport food4
The raw peanut butter bar was great, and very filling. I think it’s sweetened with dates, and you’ll definitely need something to drink while you eat it – we opted for a couple tiny cups of the free iced tea samples.

2013616 airport food5
The lentils were my favorite, one little bowl was more than enough for an entire meal for me.

2013616 airport food6
The chick pea salad had a similar taste, but with more vinegar. And more calories.

Definitely plan ahead when you’re traveling with a restricted diet. I usually pack snack bars or something, but I forgot this time and really regretted it. Even if they do have a meal for you, there’s a good chance the food on the plane will suck – although Aegean’s food was not too bad. Another reason to love Greeks.

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    • I have a feeling the website I purchased the tickets through is at fault, and Lufthansa just doesn’t keep extra meals on hand. Would be nice if they were more prepared, like Aegean, though.

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