Ta Koumparakia: food & friends

Okay, I think this is about all I can squeeze out of Ta Koumparakia until I have a chance to go back someday. If I were living in Thessaloniki, this would be my Little Africa – the restaurant I have to post about each time I visit. But I have to say, it might be more interesting to post about Ta Koumparakia because, besides the great food & service, you also have this amazing view.

201368 old church
You can just make out the neon lights of the restaurant on one side behind the church, and graffiti on the other.

201368 old church12
The restaurant is so neatly tucked behind the church, you could almost miss it. And that would be a real shame!

2013615 fav14
And as I mentioned before, the outdoor seating is so near to the church, you could almost reach out and touch it.

201368 old church14
Of course the food is very important. As far as I know, bread is served with every meal at every Greek restaurant in Greece. But every else we went, that was it – just bread. But at Ta Koumparakia you also get this wonderful red pepper spread. EM and I practically fought over it the first time we had it.

2013615 fav16
The potato salad is phenomenal, with just the right amount of lemon. The potatoes were almost creamy somehow from the olive oil and just about melted in my mouth.

2013615 fav21
I believe these are the same kind of mushrooms I bought at the grocery store in Tinos (recipe coming soon), and oh how I wish I would’ve known then what I could have done with them. Grilling them gave them a nice meaty texture, and the fresh lemon really brought out the charred flavor. I could eat these every day.

2013615 fav24
I could go on and on, so just take my word for it: The food is awesome. You can’t go wrong. Lots of choices for vegans, and according to the guys, all the non-vegan stuff is great, too. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of the desserts, but I’m told they were delicious as well – EM’s favorite was the chocolate cake with orange flavor. I’m sure he was thrilled none of the desserts were vegan!

2013615 fav13
But that’s still not the most important part. The very most important thing, as far as I’m concerned, is the excellent service and the way the family treats you like…well, kinda like family. DT put in a good word for me (“she is gourmet chef with a blog” – aw shucks!) and guess what?

2013615 fav11
They let me check out the kitchen!

2013615 fav12
They even put on a show for me so I could get a great picture. Hey, maybe those are my mushrooms getting charred : )

2013615 fav22
So we made some friends, and I hope we’ll keep in touch and see other again someday not too far from now. Until then, Ta Koumparakia will be my inspiration whilst I experiment with Greek cuisine (once I get out of this little rut I’m in – so depressed at the thought of cooking for myself, I just want Greeks to cook for me…and we have not one single Greek restaurant in town!!). Thanks, Christos and Vicki (and family)!

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