Pleurotus mushrooms, and tomato salad

I started this post way back at the beginning of our Grecian vacation, but never got around to posting it once we started checking out all the local food. This is a meal I made in our adorable little kitchen at Peach House.

201363 mushrooms
At the grocery store in Tinos, doesn’t it look so much prettier than those metal and plastic buffet-style bulk olive things in the US?

201363 mushrooms2
I just thought these bottles of corn oil were the cutest.

201363 mushrooms3
I ended up forgetting to use those capers, and I’m glad. I’ll tell you about it later. Maybe.

201363 mushrooms4
This garlic was the best I’ve ever had. Ever. It was so fresh we weren’t even sure what it was. It had soft skin like the inner layers of an onion, the stem was extra long. When I peeled it back, I had to run to EM and have him touch it! It was bright white and gorgeous.

201363 mushrooms5
So, I de-stemmed the mushrooms, chopped some onion and finely chopped the beautiful garlic. It smelled so good.

201363 mushrooms6
Sauteed the onions & garlic in the wonderful olive oil from our gift bag.

201363 mushrooms7
The hard bread, normally used for dakos and also from the gift bag, was broken into bits and set aside.

201363 mushrooms8
Once the onions were soft, I added the Pleurotus mushrooms and let them cook on low for a while to soak up the flavor. Meanwhile…

201363 mushrooms9
I started our salad by smashing some garlic.

201363 mushrooms10
I love to smash things.

201363 mushrooms11

201363 mushrooms12
Add garlic to olive oil.

201363 mushrooms13
Add freshly-squeeze lemon juice. I used the whole lemon. The thing actually was crushed to bits in my hands which I found pretty weird, but I liked that I smelled of lemon afterwards and for the rest of the night.

201363 mushrooms14
Whisk to emulsify.

201363 mushrooms15
Lovely tomatoes.

201363 mushrooms16
Chop, and toss into the dressing. Stir to coat. I left them to soak while I finished the mushrooms.

201363 mushrooms17
In go the breadcrumbs, then I turned up the heat in a failed attempt to brown the mushrooms – should’ve used a bigger pan, I guess. But they did firm up a bit.

201363 mushrooms18
The only other ingredient in our salad was the lettuce. Had I known then that a real Greek salad never has lettuce in it, I would have done something totally different! But. This isn’t a Greek meal, it’s just a meal made in Greece.

201363 mushrooms19
And it looks nice, anyway.

201363 mushrooms20
And here it is with a spoon.

201363 mushrooms21
And here it is on our very colorful table. I miss our little house : (

201363 mushrooms22
I loved the mushrooms, even though I didn’t know yet how awesome the ones at ΤΑ Κουμπαρακια would be. But when EM to his first bite, he got an unpleasant look on his face. He hated it. Turns out I left part of a stem on one of the mushrooms, and the stems are bitter and pretty gross. So don’t do that. According to him, the whole rest of the meal was good…I’m pretty sure he would tell me if it weren’t. Anyway, I liked it! Might try making the mushrooms again this weekend, but I will char them.

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