being lazy, pt 2: Marie Catrib’s

I couldn’t wait to eat at Marie’s when I got home. I miss her…somehow the restaurant still felt the same, like she was right there with us.

2013624 eating8
I split a pot of Creamy Earl Grey and ordered the special, beginning with…

2013624 eating9
spicy peanut soup, vegan & gluten free. It was weird in a good way – tasted like chicken noodle soup at first, then suddenly you taste the peanut. It was wonderful. The chunks of broccoli were like little sponges soaking up the deliciousness.

2013624 eating10
The Szechuan dogs were AMAZING. Spicy, garlicky, and just enough fresh veggies to offset the heat. The cucumber salad was mild and tangy. Once again the serving was so big, I saved one dog and half the salad for the next day’s breakfast.

2013624 eating11
And I just had one tiny bite of Fr. R’s hummingbird cake. I would’ve eaten more, but a) It wasn’t mine and b) I was already about to burst. If b weren’t true, I doubt a would’ve stopped me.
I would like to add this was the second time the Szechuan dogs appeared on special. They brought them back after they sold out the first time. You can Like Marie’s on facebook to get updates on the specials, and if you see this one pop up again I recommend getting to the restaurant as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out!

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