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Ever since I Liked Marie’s on facebook, the updates with the daily specials have been driving me crazy. Everything sounds so good, and it is good & sells out if you’re not fast enough. The other day we tried to go to Little Africa for lunch, but they were closed. It was 2pm so we figured the lunchtime rush at Marie’s must surely be over…nope. As usual, there was a line at the door.

2013627 Marie Bubba
During our wait I amused myself by watching the kitchen staff. I like that you can see what’s going on back there.

2013627 Marie Bubba7
When we got our seats, I asked for the special – some kind of yummy sounding tacos, but alas, there were none left. So, I ordered a sandwich and…

2013627 Marie Bubba2
This tomato soup,

2013627 Marie Bubba3
with asparagus and white beans. The beans were hiding out at the bottom of the bowl and I forgot they were supposed to be in there. It was a nice surprise when I got down to the last few bites.

2013627 Marie Bubba4
The sandwich I ordered was Bubba’s Deal. And you see that pickle?

2013627 Marie Bubba4a
I guess it’s homemade, and pretty fresh. And really good.

2013627 Marie Bubba5
Anyway, back to this wonderful sandwich of BBQ portabellas, grilled onions, spinach, ginger slaw, vegan ranch and vegan cheese on Italian bread. There’s not much else to say, except that I loved it. It’s definitely a knife & fork sandwich, just the way I like it.

That night I couldn’t sleep. Lots of things go through my mind late at night, and yes, some nights I really do sit up thinking about food. This can lead to very late night snacks or googling recipe ideas, but in this case I googled one of my favorite chefs. I found this slide show of Marie Catrib Through the Years. I also found this lovely article from a few years ago. Have a look and get to know Marie, if you didn’t have the chance before. Maybe get a box of Kleenex ready. Then, really, you have to visit the restaurant!

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