homemade instant breakfast mix: oatmeal & teff

So, I broke free of my GreenMax addiction while on vacation, but I still needed a fast breakfast fix to start my day at the office. I decided for my first try, I should use really simple (cheap) ingredients. To a small ziplock bag, add:

2013628 instant
1/2 C quick cooking oatmeal, ground

2013628 instant2
2 Tbsp teff flour (it was all I had left)

2013628 instant3
2 Tbsp maple syrup sugar, or sweetener of choice to taste

2013628 instant4
Ground cinnamon, to taste

2013628 instant5
A pinch of pink salt, optional.

2013628 instant6
Seal the bag.

2013628 instant7
Shake it up.

2013628 instant8
You can add other things, like raisins. I also added chocolate chips.

Now for the fun part. Fill a mug halfway with very hot water, almost boiling.

2013628 instant10
Add breakfast mix by the spoonful – the more you add, the thicker it will be.

2013628 instant11
Stir it up.

2013628 instant12

I had it two days in a row and really enjoyed it…but what’s not to love about chocolatey oatmeal with raisins? From a nutritional standpoint, it would be better to use more teff flour – I have to get my jar refilled this week! Using more teff flour will also make it creamier. The oatmeal had a couple lumps here and there, but wasn’t too bad. I am going to make a bigger batch next time.

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  1. Let me know when you’re coming over for more teff! There’s plenty in the freezer! This looks good maybe i”ll whip up a batch using raw cocoa.

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