flowers & greens: a summertime meal

I love free food. It’s especially nice when it’s either right in my backyard, or when someone just hands it over. In this meal, I have combined these two fine things.

201375 buds & greens2
Day lily buds, picked from my backyard. Rinsed and drained.

201375 buds & greens3
Fresh chives, also from the backyard,

201375 buds & greens4

201375 buds & greens5
Cooking in olive oil. It works best if you cook them quickly over medium-high heat.

201375 buds & greens6
Wild field greens, a gift from A (thank you!).

201375 buds & greens7
I threw them right in the pan,

201375 buds & greens8
It cooks down so much, it doesn’t really get in the way (for long) of cooking the buds. I sprinkled a little salt on all of it, and added a bit of olive oil to the greens.

201375 buds & greens9
A thin piece of light rye bread, drizzled with olive oil…

201375 buds & greens10
with some Dijon mustard spread on top.

201375 buds & greens11
It just looks cool.

201375 buds & greens12
The greens are a little tough. I ate this with a knife and fork, and you really do need a sharp knife. Otherwise, just be prepared to get a great big mouthful…which isn’t really a bad thing. If you’re eating alone.

201375 buds & greens13
The buds are mildly sweet and taste like squash, and the greens lose their bitterness when you cook them. And this whole meal probably cost me $1. Awesome.

I almost forgot to add, I sent out my 3rd love letter today for my summer writing project. Workin’ on some more tonight, I think I’m getting a pretty decent start.

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  1. In early spring you can cook and eat the green part of the day lilies. They taste like asparagus. In the fall, you can dig up the roots and eat those too. Nature is so generous with her bounty! Next time you get a mess of greens cook them down until they’re sloppy, add a bit of garlic and onion and after they’ve cooked down a bit stir in your favorite nut butter into the pot liquor along with a generous dose of cayenne. It’s called Scream for your momma greens. Delish!

    • I can’t do all that cayenne, but maybe I’ll try the rest 🙂

      Yes, I read about using the other parts, but I always forget. I almost forgot about the buds! I need some sort of seasonal alarm clock.

  2. It’s not hardcore gurl…it’s delicious……eating the buds and flowers raw is incredible! As for the Scream for yo momma greens you just add as much heat as you desire. I happen to like a lot of it! But you don’t have to.

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