3am. time for nachos.

Lately I have the worst sleeping habits (writing this at 4:30am, for example). It’s a hard pattern to break, and it’s possible allowing myself to make a small meal at all hours of the night isn’t very helpful…but a girl’s gotta eat.

201376 nachos
So, the other night I made these nachos with tahini sauce.

201376 nachos2
I have posted about these before in more detail,

201376 nachos3
But tonight I decided to do some googling and see what other vegan nacho recipes are out there.

Most recipes for a tahini “cheese” require a lot of work and ingredients – not great for late night snacks. The only other very simple recipe I could find is this one from brickiepedia. No blending of tofu or raw nuts here! You can save the whole recipe, complete with sweet potato chips, for a more reasonable hour.

Then I stumbled on this little gem. warning: contains profanity

This is also a bit too much to cook in the middle of the night, but the video is a great time killer and gives you something to sleep on. Like, Why go through all that and then use a canned sauce? But still, I’d like to try lasagna with tahini sauce. Great kitchen, btw.

What is your favorite quick & easy late night snack?

P.S. I sent out 2 more letters today for my summer writing project!

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  1. Two slices of slightly toasted Ezkiel bread slathered with coconut oil, smashed avocado on each slice and then top with raw sauerkraut. It’s the best late night treat ever…….oh onions are another good addition. YUM

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