earthy lacinato kale pesto & bean sandwich

DINOSAUR kale!!!!! My grocery store doesn’t carry it regularly and I’ve been wanting to try it, so I bought a bunch of lacinato/dinosaur kale when I spotted it this week. I was going to put it in a smoothie, but I never got around to freezing my bananas and now all they’re good for is baking. So.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich
What to do with this lovely dark green kale? I decided to make a pesto. I thought that was an original idea, but I googled and found a couple recipes. Well, none were vegan. Let’s fix that.
One recipe I looked at said to rinse the kale with very hot water because, especially if the kale is fresh from your garden, there may be aphids. Hmm. What are aphids? I didn’t know, so I threw the kale in my colander and gave them a quick rinse. I started cutting the kale. I noticed…something.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich3
This is an aphid. Gross. I looked through the kale I’d already cut, and sure enough, there were a bunch of little dead aphids everywhere. I threw the cut kale away and carefully, and with very hot water, sprayed the rest of the kale – one piece at a time – until I didn’t see anymore critters. So be careful of that, it could really happen to you.

(P.S. Thus making this a half recipe!)

2013713 kale pesto sandwich4
Carefully cleaned kale, stems removed, torn into pieces. Set that aside for a moment.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich5
Let’s get the beans going. I almost never plan ahead, so I had to used canned blackeye peas. If you’re using canned beans, be sure to drain, rinse & drain before use.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich6
Chop some onion…

2013713 kale pesto sandwich7
In a small pan, add 1/4 C water to beans & onions. Season with a little garlic powder and a pinch of salt (I also added nutritional yeast, it’s optional). Cover and let simmer for at least half an hour.
Let’s finish the pesto.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich8
I put the kale in the small 4-Cup bowl of my processor. Add 2 large cloves of garlic, each cut in half.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich9
Process just enough to make some room in the bowl.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich10
Add 1 Tbsp tahini and about 1 tsp (one squirt) of Dijon mustard. And of course a sprinkling of salt, to taste. Process until creamy. Give it a taste and see if it needs anything…

2013713 kale pesto sandwich11
I decided to add smoked paprika, nutritional yeast and about 2 tsp of lemon juice to mine. If you make any additions, scrape down the sides of the bowl and process again briefly to mix in the spices.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich13
Back to the beans a minute. The onions should be clear and soft by now. Uncover and mash some of the beans with your spoon – I wouldn’t do more than half the beans, maybe a bit less than that.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich14
Stir, and you should have a nice sauce to hold everything together.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich15
Assemble the sandwich. I’m using my favorite bread, sprouted whole grain Ezekiel. I have at least 2 Tbsp of the pesto on one side, and tons of spicy mustard on the other.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich16
Surely you know to spread it. The pesto was such a beautiful shade of green…

2013713 kale pesto sandwich17
Now add a big scoop of beans to one side, tomatoes on the other. Spread those beans out.

2013713 kale pesto sandwich18
I also added romaine. I have never, not once, found an aphid in my romaine!

2013713 kale pesto sandwich20
There ya go. I admit, this is going to make a mess. If you’re not eating alone, I highly recommend using a knife and fork for this thing.
Both the kale and the blackeye peas have a very earthy flavor, the mustard offsets it a bit without taking away from it. Of course I love mustard, but it really did go well with it. I was still hungry after this but didn’t feel like eating more bread, so I just mixed the beans and pesto together and put them on my plate with a ton of mustard squeezed on top.

Be careful to check your teeth for kale bits when you’re finished because there will be at least two or three.

This is oil-free and perfect for a strict fasting day!

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