Asian Market: ramen snacks

I ran out of GreenMax just before I went on vacation, and I haven’t bought any since. I started missing my trips to the Asian market – I used to grab my GreenMax, then walk up and down the aisles looking for interesting things to try. I decided this week I would go and pick up some nori and coconut milk, and check my favorite racks…the clearance racks!

2013714 Asian snacks
Sadly there was nothing special on clearance, so I headed over to the snack aisle. I basically picked these Good Good Eat wheat “crackers” because the bags are cute, and, of course, because they’re vegan.

2013714 Asian snacks2
I went with Mexican Spicy. It actually tastes just like the Nissin brand Chili flavored ramen…nothing too Mexican about it, but they’re delicious. Maybe I’m biased because I went for a several-months stretch eating nothing but ramen for lunch every work day, but these might be my new guilty pleasure. Luckily I only go to the Asian market about once a month.

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