Qrunch Burger: sweet curry with lentil

An interesting thing happened recently. Yesterday, a recipe of mine was mentioned as the inspiration for a homemade veggie burger over at Wild Juggling (kind of awesome). It seems I’m not the only person who become fed up with poor quality frozen veggie burgers and decided homemade is the way to go. While I still believe nothing beats making your vegan burger from scratch, I did make a happy discovery:

2013715 Qrunch Burger
The Qrunch Burger. It just so happens I tried it last night for the first time. There are four flavors, and I went with Sweet Curry with Lentil.

2013715 Qrunch Burger2
You may wonder what made me cave and buy these prefabricated burgers. Well to start with, they are not made with soy. These are quinoa burgers, apparently held together with mashed veggies. Nearly all the ingredients are organic.

2013715 Qrunch Burger2a
The cool thing is if you don’t feel like cooking, you can just throw the frozen patty in the toaster!

2013715 Qrunch Burger2b
They’ll get nice and golden brown – in other words,

2013715 Qrunch Burger2c

2013715 Qrunch Burger2d
Soft on the inside, but nice and crunchy on the outside. It tasted great plain, but of course I also tried it like a regular burger.

2013715 Qrunch Burger3
This time I cooked two patties in the toaster oven on aluminum foil (still no dirty pan to clean).

2013715 Qrunch Burger4
You don’t need too many ingredients on a flavored burger. I didn’t even use mustard, if you can believe it.

2013715 Qrunch Burger6
If this had a nice creamy sauce, it would basically be dum aloo in a burger.

Looking at the nutritional value, you may think the Boca Burger is a healthier choice; however, for the quality ingredients I think it’s worth an extra gram of fat and a few (or 130) extra calories. In fact, as part of my summer writing project I even wrote to the creators of this delicious burger and thanked them for a job well done!

And…my own quinoa chili bean burger recipe if you’re looking for a homemade quinoa burger.

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    • I’m definitely going to keep making my own, but I think I’ll have a box of these in the freezer at my Tete’s house for Sunday dinners when there’s not much for me to eat.
      Looking at the ingredients, I really want to try making some with steamed & mashed veggies!

  1. I have been looking for a soy-free veggie burger and they are so hard to find! These look fantastic 🙂 hopefully I can find them in a grocery store my way.

    • I hope so, they really are great! They just started making them recently – 3 guys making all the burgers! But an article from April said they’re planning to expand. You can expect to see them soon if you live anywhere near a Meijer store.

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