Marie Catrib’s cajun dogs

I had a special lunch at Marie’s yesterday. I also had the lunch special: vegan hot dogs and hot bowl of soup.

2013718 vegan hot dog day
Smokey cabbage and white bean.

2013718 vegan hot dog day2
The soup really did have a bold smokey flavor. It was slightly spicy, and the cabbage soaked up all the flavors. I didn’t want it to end. But…it did. And I moved on to Cajun dogs!

2013718 vegan hot dog day3
Double dog dare. (are those the Fists of Goodness??)

2013718 vegan hot dog day4
Our waitress said the dogs had a kick to them, and she was right. I have to admit…

2013718 vegan hot dog day5
I had to pick most of the jalapenos out because I didn’t want to get hiccups. Makes it hard to eat*.

2013718 vegan hot dog day6
Check out this super coarse grain mustard. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a lover of mustard. This one was really spicy. So, I had to temper it with something sweet.

2013718 vegan hot dog day7
Like this lovely chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

2013718 vegan hot dog day8
Is there any flavor combo more magical than peanut butter and chocolate?

2013718 vegan hot dog day9

And I’m writing this post ahead and scheduling it because I’ll be at Marie’s again tonight for dinner.

*I did find an interesting cure for hiccups. The instructions say someone else is supposed to ask you these questions:

Think of the last time you saw a white horse.
How long ago did you see it?
Was it by itself, or with other horses?

I can’t find a link to it anymore, but when I finished reading these three questions – and seriously thinking about the answers – I realized…my hiccups were gone! The last two times, I just thought of the questions and the hiccups went away. Weird.

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