letter from SO Delicious

A couple weeks ago for my summer writing project, I wrote a letter to SO Delicious regarding their Banana Split flavored ice cream sandwiches.

2013722 SO Delicious3
I suggested they make the sandwiches with the three different ice cream flavors going lengthwise instead of width-wise so you can taste each flavor in one bite. I think something was lost in translation…or something, but I was still happy to get a reply.

2013722 SO Delicious Letter
Oh well. Maybe someday they’ll get new machines 🙂 It’s cool you can tell they actually read my letter instead of just sending a form response, even if they didn’t quite understand. That’s good customer service. And not only did I get this lovely letter…

2013722 SO Delicious Letter2
I also got “over $8 in money saving coupons”!!! These are nice coupons, $1 off on a bunch of items. What should I try first?

Thanks, SO Delicious!

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