Marie’s sweet potato & quinoa burger

2013722 1 Marie's again

I admit it, I went to Marie Catrib’s two days in a row. Last week for my birthday I wanted to go for vegan hot dog day, then I went back with my dad & Tete for dinner the next night. I was hoping there would be a vegan special because I was pretty sure I already had every vegan thing on the regular menu. Well, I was wrong on both counts, but everything turned out just fine.

2013722 Marie's again
Even though Marie’s supposedly closes at 8pm on weekdays, there was a line at the door right up until 7:45. We waited in the deli for our table, and I showed my dad all the cool vegan stuff – it was his & Tete’s first time there. Suddenly dad had a wonderful idea…

2013722 Marie's again2
Why not have a calzone while we wait?

2013722 Marie's again3
Why not, indeed. The marinara sauce was excellent, and the yummy flaky dough was also stuffed with vegan pepperoni and giant mushrooms. Tete hates mushrooms, but we told her a little white lie and got her to take a bite, and she liked it!
We were already feeling a bit full by the time we got our table, but that didn’t stop us from ordering an appetizer.

2013722 Marie's again5
The hummus was nice and salty, and the pita chips were covered in tons of herbs. It was great. While I looked over the menu I realized the last time I had a quinoa burger was actually at Stella’s. So…

2013722 Marie's again6
I decided to try Marie’s and see how it compared.

2013722 Marie's again7
I was not disappointed. The curried veganaise is awesome, I would like to eat a bowl of it with a spoon. Dad and I could only eat half our sandwiches, but amazingly, Tete managed to put away an entire giant BLT on challah. It was the first time she didn’t have one complaint about her meal 🙂 Even though we were quite full, it was a birthday celebration. So…

2013722 Marie's again8
Almond Joy Cake (dad’s choice)

2013722 Marie's again9
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding (my choice)

2013722 Marie's again10
The pudding was crazy thick, nice and smooth and rich with no weird vegan-y aftertaste (I mean, not there is such a thing).

2013722 Marie's again11
We didn’t even come close to finishing the desserts,

2013722 Marie's again12
so we took home a huge bag of leftovers that fed us for the next day or two.

While we’re talking about habit-forming foods, I might as well tell you about another thing that happened during my birthday week.

2013722 Little Africa
I went to Little Africa for lunch with Fr. R at 3pm,

2013722 Little Africa2
knowing full well I’d be back there for dinner with A at 7:30. I don’t think I can ever live in the East Hills area, I’d probably never cook again!

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  1. I had the quinoa burger and will try to make it at home, it was so good! It was the first time I had been to Maria’s.We sat at the counter and got to watch the cooks ,ans see the HUGE sandwitches, and other orders put up on the counter. The wait person we had was great.We could hardly get by the cupcakes in the deli!

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