vegan gummy bears (gummibärchen) from Germany

About 11 years ago I went to a gummy shop in Freiburg, Germany – yup, a shop that sells nothing but gummy candy! I was happily surprised to find vegan gummy bears, and I still have the bag they came in (somewhere) with the name of the shop and their web address. Unfortunately, even after all these years, the last time I checked I still couldn’t order from the US. But…

2013724 vegan gummy bears2
Some friends were vacationing in Germany recently, and brought me a wonderful gift.

2013724 vegan gummy bears3
These ones are from a health food store, but they seem the same. They’re a little chewier than I remember “real” gummy bears being – they really stick in my teeth! But I don’t mind. I love gummy bears!

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