Gaia Cafe veggie hash

Yesterday I was treated to what, I believe, was my very last birthday meal of the year – a takeout lunch from Gaia Cafe.

2013726 gaia
We got twin lunches: veggie hash with vegan protein bars. Let me start with what I really liked about this meal:

2013726 gaia2
all the pretty colors! Since we’re supposed to “eat the rainbow” to ensure we’re getting the various vitamins and minerals we need, this seems like the way to go – red cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, bean sprouts and scallions. If you don’t ask them to make it vegan, it also normally includes cheese & sour cream. However…

2013726 gaia4
we didn’t believe this was actually a hash. The general consensus seems to be a hash should be rather firmly held together by mashed/minced bits of either meat or potato, or possibly egg. Judging by google images, not everyone feels that same way. In fact, it looks like especially with veggie hash people take the meaning of the word (from the French verb hacher, to chop) very literally and roughly chop things up, throw them together and call it hash. But I dunno. It bothers me.

Anyway. The flavor was nice. The veggies were extra crunchy, which also seemed anti-hash…but probably healthier. There was tons of garlic, so that was a big plus for me. Now that I know not to expect a mashed hash I might even order this again 🙂

2013726 gaia5
Then there was this delicious and super-filling protein bar.

2013726 gaia6
There are dates. There are walnuts. There might not be anything else, or maybe some honey or agave. It’s the size of a really fat brownie, so I was able to eat half yesterday and save the other half for today’s lunch. Aren’t I lucky??

Thank you, T! And thank you, Gaia Cafe, even though I think you need to change the name of this item or else chop the veggies into smaller pieces and mince the heck out of the potatoes. Just my two cents!

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  1. i’ve only had two or three things from Gaia (including some monstrous burrito), but they were all incredible (even my tofu-fearing, healthy-food hating step-daughter loved it!).

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