Whole Foods salad bar, and then some

The salad bar at Whole Foods makes me so happy! We stopped at the Schaumburg, IL location earlier this week while we were nearby to meet my brand new little nephew 🙂

2013728 Whole Foods
We don’t have a Whole Foods here, so whenever I’m near one I try to go and get a two pound, $17 salad.

2013728 Whole Foods2
I don’t really spend that much on purpose, but there’s so much to choose from it’s hard not to go overboard.

2013728 Whole Foods3
I mix everything together, it doesn’t bother me one bit to have cold salad stuff mixed with hot stuff. This Whole Foods had Indian food, complete with vegan samosas. I also got the eggless tofu salad, some kind of mock chicken salad, and smokey greens.

2013728 Whole Foods4
Then, in a moment of weakness, I strayed from the salad bar and checked out the desserts.

2013728 Whole Foods5
Vegan strawberry cheesecake! Mumra didn’t care for this at all, but she also hardly eats any sweets or junk food and I love that stuff. It was made with a soy-based cream cheese, which does have a slightly different flavor than regular cream cheese, but I thought it was good.

2013728 Whole Foods6
My dad loves potato chips, so he was thrilled to find these.

2013728 Whole Foods7
Huge, thick, covered in salt and pepper, and not very greasy at all. You could tell they were fresh.

2013728 Whole Foods8
I grabbed this for sandwiches, I’m sure it will be making an appearance on the blog in the near future.

2013728 Whole Foods9
And finally, this delightful vegan chocolate chip muffin.

2013728 Whole Foods10
It was huge, sweet, moist, dense, and filling enough that I didn’t need anything else for breakfast. And probably contained a day’s worth of fat…but that’s okay. It was a special occasion.

What’s your favorite thing from the Whole Foods salad bar, or Whole Foods in general? I’m hoping to go back in a couple weeks and really load up!

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  1. Congrats on the new nephew! Now that you will be here often we can continue our overindulging on this side of the ocean! I’m just a few blocks from the real Chicago Diner & and blocks from Greektown, so take your pick. Alas, you asked about WF, which is even closer to me….
    I love many things about Whole Foods … the detox salad in their salad bar, and everything in their wine bar 🙂 I know them both well since the huge new Lincoln Park store is right behind my house.

    • Thank you!! Well, anyone else I might just want to ask about Whole Foods, but you I’d rather have tell me your favorite restaurants in Greektown 🙂 Although I’ll probably try that detox salad. I’m so jealous you have a WF right behind your house!

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