the best kind of food: free

So I found this box on my front porch last week,

2013727 BFF birthday
I was a little worried because it says “Keep Refrigerated”, but I didn’t see it until around 7 or 8pm and it was 90 degrees out. My tofurky bacon would be ruined!!! 🙁 But when I opened the box…

2013727 BFF birthday2
turns out the box was just reused, and was filled with some very random food items selected by BFF for my birthday! Mock duck and vegan queso,

2013727 BFF birthday3
and whole grain bacony bits! And a nice little button. Yes, I am still vegan. These were sent from Food Fight! Grocery in Portland, OR. The BFF and I have been there a couple times, it’s like a little vegan convenience store. They had nachos by the pound with a pump of vegan cheese sauce!

Thanks, BFF! I’ve already used the bacony bits in a couple recipes that I shall be posting soon. Not sure if I’ll try something fancy with the queso or just eat it with chips when I’m feeling lazy. But I’d like to find something interesting to do with that mock duck. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes, mock duck a l’orange! Or some kind of duck confit; a casseoulet or potato truffle duck confit pizza or fancy pants duck confit tacos. But definitely something special.

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