woman’s world cookbook

Time for another look at my cookbooks!

2013730 womens world cookbook
My grandmother gave me this beautiful 1940 edition of the Woman’s World Edition of the American Woman’s Cook Book.

2013730 womens world cookbook2
We were very impressed with the color pictures of the food (just a few throughout),

2013730 womens world cookbook3
but what I really like are these old black & white pictures,

2013730 womens world cookbook4
and the various tips that show what life was like during the time the cookbook was printed.

2013730 womens world cookbook5
Something I need to study up on…I don’t even know how to properly set a table.

2013730 womens world cookbook6
Old recipes often say to use a No. 2, or whatever, size can. Now I finally know what all that means!

2013730 womens world cookbook7
I love that this cake is called “glamorous” when it actually looks like a Sandra Lee cake, haha. But my favorite…

2013730 womens world cookbook8
fuzzy carrots. So interesting.

2013730 womens world cookbook9
Well, actually, my most favorite thing about this cookbook is this little receipt I found tucked inside, signed by my great-grandfather and dated August of 1940. I’ll keep that forever.

Do you have an old cookbook handed down from a family member?

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  1. How cool! I’d treasure the cookbook too. I don’t have any cookbooks handed down from family members, but I do have an extensive cookbook collection. My Julia Child books are among my favorites. Also, I have a cookbook, translated in English, that was written by a French woman who helped Julia learn how to cook. Katherine, you should come by sometime and see my books. I’d love to see yours as well.

    • That would be great, maybe we could have a cookbook exchange! It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to sit down and look at my own, it’s something I need to do more often.

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