vegan bacon & swiss offering #3: cheesy oatmeal

Oatmeal for dinner…

2013731 bacon & swissC
Prepare one serving of quick cooking oats, according to instructions. While it’s thickening, add 2 tsp nutritional yeast, a few tsp bacony bits (or however much you want), and about 6 shakes of hickory liquid smoke. A sprinkle or two of salt is optional.
Stir it up.

2013731 bacon & swissC2
Add a slice of Daiya Swiss style “cheese”.

2013731 bacon & swissC3
Stir it in until it’s nice and creamy.

2013731 bacon & swissC4
Garnish with more bacony bits and nutritional yeast. Eat.

Daiya bacon & Swiss cheesy muffins HERE

Bacon & Swiss grilled cheese Right HERE

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