in the mail

This week I’ve received quite a bit of non-junk mail, it’s very nice for a change! The BFF repurposed a VBS postcard, I received a birth announcement from a cousin, and I got this letter…

201387 edy's nestle
Even though I know they probably don’t care at all, I like sending suggestions to companies, especially when it comes to food. In this case, I wrote in a flavor suggestion from my dad (pineapple strawberry coconut water). Along with the letter, they sent two coupons for 75 cents off a box of popsicles. Perhaps not the most stellar discount, but I’m still feeling pretty pleased. Thanks, NestlĂ©!

Last week I sent some pictures to my mom, and Monday they were returned to me. According to USPS, the street Mumra has lived on for the past 20+ years, where I grew up, does not exist. I’m taking it to the post office for an explanation.

Have you received anything good this week?

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