Vegan Eggless Eggy Salad and unfinished works

Well, I have my new camera. Inside it is the old memory card with the pictures I was taking when my old Black Beauty broke (I call the new one Little Red). I will share with you the last few minutes of the black camera’s life.

2013813 broken camera
Here is the beginnings of gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, made with teff flour and a little nutritional yeast.

2013813 broken camera2
Then I started up the eggless salad.

2013813 broken camera4
Press as much water as possible out of one pound of water packed extra firm tofu. Tear it into chunks and sprinkle, to taste, with gray salt and black pepper. Add turmeric for a nice yellow yoke-like color. Add a pinch of nutritional yeast, if you so desire. Gray salt has a sulfur taste that gives this the egg flavor. You may also need to add a pinch or two of regular salt.

2013813 broken camera5
Add mayo (Vegenaise), sweet pickle relish and mustard, again to taste. I used spicy brown mustard.

2013813 broken camera6
Stir to coat the tofu. Taste, and make any necessary adjustments. Let it chill in the fridge for at least half an hour, but overnight is better. Great in a sandwich, or just eat it as-is!
It’s also good with fresh minced onion, or a bit of garlic.

2013813 broken camera7
Then I started a bean dip.

2013813 broken camera8
Tons of onion and garlic sauteing in oil.

2013813 broken camera9
One can of pinto beans, sprinkled with pink salt (or the salt of your choice, but don’t use the gray salt, that’d be weird).

2013813 broken camera10
Then spice it up. Onion powder, dill, cumin, smoked paprika, chili powder, a little nutritional yeast. I think I even added garlic powder. Stir it up. Let it cook on low for about 5 minutes.

2013813 broken camera12
Then add one can of refried beans and one to two chopped roma tomatoes. Cover and continue to let cook on low for about 10 minutes,

2013813 broken camera13
until the tomatoes begin to cook down and the beans soften. Then…

2013813 broken camera14
Drop your camera. On the hard ceramic floor. With the lens out all the way. Then continue trying to take pictures and wonder why the camera won’t focus, and then notice the lens is bent in two different directions.

Put the camera down and continue cooking. (In this case, stir in the refried beans and tomatoes. Cook another 10 minutes.) Eat with tortilla chips, on nachos or in a burrito or tacos. Or on a Mexican pizza. You can do a lot with it.

Then buy a new camera.

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      • I love Just Mayo! Since I’m living alone (in a college dorm room), I buy the big container of Just Mayo and use half of it to make vegan ranch dressing! Sooooo good. Just add water to get it to the consistency you want, a little agave nectar (or sweetener of choice), and seasonings! I did garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and freshly ground italian seasoning. SO GOOD. I’m definitely gonna have to make the eggless salad now — you’ve convinced me!

        • That sounds great, I haven’t tried it in dressing yet. I usually load up on it when I find it at the dollar store – smaller bottles, but it actually works out to a slightly better deal. I haven’t been able to find it there lately, though.

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