organic apples – and they’re FREE

Well, I was really bummed because all I had to post tonight was a failed recipe. BUT my dad was out trimming our rather large crabapple tree tonight.

2013814 crabapples2
He basically dared me to eat one of the apples, which we believed to be very sour, gross and useless.

2013814 crabapples
I have eaten some pretty bad stuff…including the thing I tried for dinner this evening.

2013814 crabapples4
So I figured, What the heck.

Well guess what? Maybe about 20 years ago we should’ve googled (or gone to the library to research, I suppose) the poor little ignored crabapple.

2013814 crabapples5
It was good. It actually just tasted like a regular green apple, and apparently…that’s exactly what it was. I can’t believe we’ve had free organic apples all this time and just let them go to waste. I almost never eat apples because I’m too cheap to buy organic and too lazy to wash or peel them – I know, I know. But now I have to find a use for all these – what’s your favorite way to use apples?

By the way, this is oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day 🙂

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  1. Harvest them! They’ll keep for quite a while in a cool dark place. Like your basement in a bushel basket. Or you can store them over here, the basement is just about empty….amazingly …..

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