vegan hotdog day at Marie’s

For the past couple months, Wednesday has been my favorite day of the week. You know why? Because this summer, Wednesday is Vegan Hotdog Day at Marie Catrib’s!

2013815 Marie's2
Each week they put different toppings on the house-made dogs, and each week they are delicious. This week they were New York street cart-style dogs with sweet red onion sauce, mustard and sauerkraut, a side of fresh coleslaw and, of course, a pickle.

2013815 Marie's3
It comes with a bowl of yummy soup…

2013815 Marie's4
I got split pea with sweet potato, with big chunks of celery in it.

I usually just eat one hotdog, the sides and soup, and save the other hotdog for lunch. This time I had to make a sandwich for my lunch the next day because the second hotdog was too tempting and I ate it for dinner. I can’t wait until next Wednesday….

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