Stinging Nettle Infusion

Lately I’ve been worrying about not getting enough calcium in my diet. Mumra is having the same problem, and suggested trying a stinging nettle infusion. I looked it up, and using the measurements below you should get 500mg of calcium per serving – that’s 50% of the calcium an adult woman needs per day. Not bad.

2013815 stinging nettle
I ordered a pound of dried nettles from Amazon, and found a random glass jar.

2013815 stinging nettle3
Add 1 C dried nettles to a one quart glass jar.

2013815 stinging nettle4
Boil about one quart of water,

2013815 stinging nettle5
pour the water into the jar and over the nettles.

2013815 stinging nettle6
Stir it up a bit. Since I had a plastic lid, I let the water cool quite a bit before I sealed the jar. You will want to seal it and let it steep for at least 4 hours, or make it before bed and let it steep overnight. This is important because if you just, say, stuck some nettles in a tea ball and let it steep for a few minutes, you wouldn’t get nearly as much calcium.

2013815 stinging nettle7
Time to strain out the leaves…

2013815 stinging nettle9
You can press the leaves with a wooden spoon,

2013815 stinging nettle10
or better yet, give them a good squeeze to get out all the liquid.

2013815 stinging nettle11
And…you have really dark, strong and yet oddly mild tea. Somehow the flavor lasts very briefly on your tongue, and there’s no aftertaste at all (at least with the amounts I used).

2013815 stinging nettle12
The second time, I decided to flavor it.

2013815 stinging nettle13
I used the same amounts, but with this little bunch of spearmint. Looks like a terrarium.

2013815 stinging nettle14
It’s good both ways, and I’d like to try it with cinnamon or anise sometime. What’s your favorite thing to pair with nettles?

This will keep in the fridge for about a week.

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  1. YUM! I like my nettles straight up, some people enjoy adding a bit of honey. I’ve been enjoying stinging nettle infusion on and off for 8 years. It’s definitely improved my health.

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