for the love of leftovers (and the people who serve them)

Earlier this week, Amanda invited me over again to help her consume a small portion of the large quantity of produce she received from her CSA share.

2013825 CSA dinner
Once again I brought the lemonade, but this time…

2013825 CSA dinner2
with a twist. I don’t usually advocate alcohol for medicinal purposes, but it was just one of those nights where I needed a little something to take the edge off!

2013825 CSA dinner3
Having a nice meal helped take the edge off, too.

2013825 CSA dinner4
A wide variety of CSA vegetables was used, and molded in a springform pan. Each layer was spiced individually, some spicy and some mild. All delicious, and topped with nutritional yeast and pistachios.

2013825 CSA dinner7
The arugula had a wonderful carrot ginger dressing. And those noodles? They’re gluten free, made with BLACK BEANS. The two ingredients on the package are simply black beans and water. They have an odd, but not at all unpleasant, texture – it kind of bounces back when you bite it, and to me that is definitely preferable to the soft soggy stuff that gluten free noodles tend to become. I’m planning to buy some in the near future.

Amanda said she hoped it was okay she was serving me leftovers. Of course I am all for cooking up something fresh and new when it’s possible, but first of all: She did take the leftovers and turn them into something fresh and new. And second: I find it rather complimentary she feels familiar enough with me to serve me her supposedly less-than-best (even though I thought it was great, and would never have known they were leftovers).

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, we had such a great conversation it must have taken me two hours to finish my plate. As I was on my way out to my car, I found myself wishing I would’ve shut up for 5 minutes and eaten another piece of the torte.

Oh well. Maybe she saved some and we can get together for leftover leftovers. If you would like to read more about our meal and other recent magic worked by Amanda & friends with their CSA shares, check out the Urban Family Eats blog.

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    • They’re cooked, although maybe somehow you could make it raw. If you click the link to Urban Family Eats, there’s a link to Jeff’s Vegetable Torte and you can see the original recipe. Amanda veganized it for me.

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