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I had lunch at Bombay Cuisine today. I don’t usually get to have a lunch date with Fr. R & Z on Mondays, but today was kind of special in a terrible way. I guess I’ll write more about that some other time.

There is a lunch buffet, but since Indians love their ghee nothing is vegan except maybe the salad. But you’d have to eat a LOT of salad to make it worthwhile. So, on the menu there is one vegan dish and three or four others can be made vegan upon request. The wait staff will be happy to help you find something suitable.

2013826 bombay cuisine
I went with the Daal Subzi, the one item that is actually meant to be vegan. The roti bread is also vegan if you ask them to make it with no butter. I got the garlic flavor.

2013826 bombay cuisine2
The subzi is mild, and made with lentils, beans, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms with onions. I loved it with the roti bread, which was loaded with garlic and cilantro. The meals are kind of expensive, $14 for the subzi and $3.50 for the roti, but you do get a very large portion. I had two platefuls like you see in the picture, and still took home another small serving with two pieces of bread. In fact, I just ate it for dinner 🙂

There are other Indian restaurants in town that’ll do vegan dishes and may be a bit less expensive, but the service is great at Bombay Cuisine and I like the quiet atmosphere. I’m sure I’ll be back to try the other vegan-friendly dishes.

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  1. Hi Honey. Had lunch today at Bartertown Diner downtown (not by choice). It’s very VEGAN. Had the Bowl of Food (brown rice, cabbage, broccoli, etc.). Not as spicy as I like. Guy came in during lunch selling a basket (4 lbs) of mushrooms, $9 / lb..

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