vegan mac & cheese at Marie Catrib’s

I know, it doesn’t seem like I’ve been cooking much lately. I guess I’m saving those posts for later and getting the restaurant stuff out of the way because I probably will not be going out to lunch much anymore. I’ll tell you about that later.

Today Fr. R & Z and I had lunch at Marie’s, along with Fr. D & E and the girls. It wasn’t vegan hotdog day, but that’s okay – there’s plenty of great stuff to try. Since I’ve had pretty much every vegan thing on the regular menu, I decided to get something from the deli.

2013827 Marie's2
I’ve been wanting to try the vegan mac & cheese for a long time. Today was the day.

2013827 Marie's3
I ordered the soup of the day to start, Broccoli and Potato.

2013827 Marie's4
With celery! And lots and LOTS of black pepper. The broccoli was still somewhat crisp and fresh, the potatoes were nice and soft and soaked up the broth.

2013827 Marie's5
As for the mac & cheese, it was well worth the wait.

2013827 Marie's6
I’m not exaclty sure what was in it, but I’m fairly certain the “cheese” had a nutritional yeast base. It’s gluten free so the noodles were very soft, but they weren’t overdone and mushy (of course, I’ve never been fan of al dente).

2013827 Marie's7
It was well-seasoned and full of veggies, topped with gluten free bread crumbs. So was it any good?

2013827 Marie's8
Um. Yes. Yes, it was. Once I’ve gotten through the rest of the vegan deli items, I’m sure I’ll try it again.

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