labor day stuff

Mumra and I drove down to Marshall to visit with her family during the holiday weekend. Just a few random pictures from the day…

201393 labor day2
I have admired this sign for years and years and always wanted a picture. Usually there’s too much traffic to stop, or the weather is bad, or it’s dark or I just forget. This time we finally stopped, and the only issue was teaching Mumra how to use a digital camera. But she took lots of shots and a few actually did turn out just fine, although they didn’t all include the sign 🙂

201393 labor day2a
The path to the island…

201393 labor day2b
Getting to the island must have been slightly more exciting about 50 years ago, before my great-grandfather decided to have a bulldozer push more land into the water so we could take a foot bridge instead of a boat. But it’s still pretty cool.

201393 labor day2c
The cabin, known as Mouseturd Manor.

201393 labor day2c1
We had a potluck. I brought fava, it went great with grandma’s gluten free bread, her vegan baked beans and somebody’s bean salad.

201393 labor day2d
These pictures of the guys from Kiss came from a bedroom wall in my grandparent’s old house. My sister and I hated sleeping in that room because the pictures scared the heck out of us…

201393 labor day2e
Somehow they don’t seem quite so scary anymore.

201393 labor day2f
A little rustic, but we like it 🙂

201393 labor day2g
Down at the dock…

201393 labor day4
nice view of the Kzoo river.

201393 labor day6
The family. They love playing these games, I usually just prefer to watch because I’m not very athletic or coordinated AT ALL. But this time they got me. Grandpa and I *almost* won a game of ladder ball…

201393 labor day7
grandma and I didn’t even come close to winning a game of cornhole. But we still had fun!!!

201393 labor day8
It’s nice kinda being in the middle of nowhere.

What did you do for the holiday weekend?

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