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So a while back, I wrote a brief post about the giant box of food I received from Wayfare Foods.

2013823 wayfare box2
There was A LOT in that box, and I’m still trying to get through everything. I thought I should post a little something, though, so they know I didn’t just want free food!

2013823 wayfare box3
I received 4 packages of Pig Out Bacony Bits. I have already tried those in a few recipes, and eaten them straight from the bag. I love them.
There were also three 4-packs of pudding, one each of chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.
Lastly, but not leastly, there were three “cheese” spreads – cheddar, hickory cheddar & Mexi-cheddar – and a sour cream.

2013823 wayfare box6
My favorite part of the package was this handwritten letter. Although most of the companies I write to do write back, this is the only handwritten response I’ve received so far. It made me really happy.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be posting some recipes within the next few days. If you tried any of these products, do you have any suggestions for use?

If you missed the earlier Bacony Bits posts, here are the recipes:
Vegan Bacon & Swiss Grilled Cheese
Vegan Bacon & Swiss Cheesy Muffins
Vegan Bacon & Swiss Cheesy Oatmeal

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