it’s a sooooul dog. from Marie’s.

I didn’t think I’d ever go to Marie’s for lunch without at least one of my Lunch Partners, but…I just couldn’t stand the thought of missing one of the last few Vegan Hotdog Days of the year. Only a few weeks left! And I found out something amazing…I called ahead and asked if I could get the lunch special to-go. YES. Should I order now, I asked, or wait until I get there?

201395 vegan soul dog2
I ordered right over the phone. Went to the deli, gave them my name…in and out in 5 minutes! And it would’ve been 3.5, but I added a cupcake to my order. I hate eating alone in a restaurant, so I drove back to work and enjoyed my lunch over a couple rounds of Candy Crush.

201395 vegan soul dog4
This week’s vegan dog: The Soul Dog.

201395 vegan soul dog6
Bread & butter okra, red bell pepper & onions, spicy garlic Vegenaise…

201395 vegan soul dog9
and garlic sauteed greens tucked into a house-made branny oat bun. So good.

201395 vegan soul dog5
Most of the specials come with a cup of soup, but today’s came with a big ol’ tub of vegan mac n cheese.

201395 vegan soul dog7
As far as I can tell, instead of smothering pasta in faux cheese, it’s some homemade something or other made with nutritional yeast. It’s creamy and wonderful.

201395 vegan soul dog8
And they gave me A LOT.

201395 vegan soul dog10
My dessert of choice this time was the mint chocolate cupcake.

201395 vegan soul dog11
I was full after one dog and the mac n cheese yesterday, so I saved the cupcake and actually just had my first bite right now, in the middle of cooking tonight’s dinner, just so I could tell you if it’s good or not.

It is good.

As usual, the cake is nice and dense, the chocolate mint swirled frosting is light, and the whole thing just looks lovely.

For $15, there’s enough to split the meal with a friend – or if you’re selfish like me, squeeze two meals out of it for yourself! The hotdogs are great cold the next day. I recommend Liking Marie’s on facebook so you can keep up with the daily specials – some vegan, some not. It will make your news feed much happier.

3 thoughts on “it’s a sooooul dog. from Marie’s.

    • If I can figure out how they make the Larry David burger mix, I will go crazy making vegan hotdogs of every kind! Including maybe okra. Oh yeah, pretty sure that was my first time eating okra.

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