salted honey popcorn

I had some raw unpasteurized honey leftover from the lemonade I made a while back. I was very hungry for popcorn last night, but Friday is an oil free day, so what to do?

201397 salted honey popcorn
I melted down the rest of my honey, not quite 2 tablespoons.

201397 salted honey popcorn2
Drizzled it over the popcorn a little at a time and sprinkled it with a bit of salt, gently turning the popcorn in between drizzles and sprinkles. I’m showing the honey in the pan for dramatic effect, but I really used a spoon to drizzle it.

Now, I think this would’ve gone much better if there were margarine melted in with the honey. But because I did it oil free, the honey was REALLY sticky and made it harder to turn (but worth the effort!).

201397 salted honey popcorn3
The raw honey starts out very firm and thick, so it’s possible it would’ve firmed up on the popcorn if I let it sit. However, we’ll never really know since I couldn’t wait to eat it.

If you’re eating this salted popcorn while watching a movie, I recommend using only one hand for eating so your remote hand doesn’t get sticky.

What’s your favorite salty & sweet combo?

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