spirulina milk

I decided to add spirulina to my diet to make sure I’m getting enough iron, B12 and vitamin K. I sprinkled some on my dinner last night and could barely taste it, so I decided to just gulp it down today.

2013911 spirulina milk
I had an idea for something simple, thought I was so smart…

2013911 spirulina milk2
I put 1 tsp of spirulina in the glass,

2013911 spirulina milk3
added a bit of coconut milk beverage (plain unsweetened),

2013911 spirulina milk4
and stirred until I had a nice, thick green sludge. Then I added more milk and stirred it up.

2013911 spirulina milk5
I thought it would dissolve completely, but…

2013911 spirulina milk6
No. Oh well, I can handle it, right??? I’ll just pretend it’s a Shamrock Shake (not that I’ve ever had one…).

I took a sip. I made the mistake of inhaling with the glass up to my face, and it smelled more like a seafood shake. Not the best tasting, either. I added some agave nectar, probably not quite a teaspoon. It made it way more bearable, actually it was pretty good except for a faint aftertaste. I guess I should follow the suggestion on the back of the jar and try it in juice or a smoothie, or stick to sprinkling on meals. Or perhaps chocolate coconut milk would do the trick. This works in a pinch, though. Lesson learned.

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