bean & tempeh stew with veggies

I basically spent a whole day making this stew, and it was totally worth it. I used my crock pot, but it’s not like those recipes that get posted on facebook where you just throw a few things in the pot, go to work and come home to dinner. I kinda had to work for this one.

2013911 tempeh stew
Carrots. Three big ones. Peeled and chopped.

2013911 tempeh stew2
Saute them in lots of olive oil with 1 chopped onion, two chopped cloves of garlic, black pepper to taste, and a pinch of salt. They don’t need to cook all the way through, this is just to give them, and the olive oil they’re cooking in, a little more flavor.

2013911 tempeh stew3
Meanwhile, I rehydrated about 1 cup of dried mushrooms in two cups of hot water.

2013911 tempeh stew6
In a crock pot, add beans (I started with 1 C of dried beans, then quick-soaked them. If you don’t mind waiting about an hour or two longer, you can skip the soaking altogether), mushrooms & mushroom stock, onions and carrots.

2013911 tempeh stew7
Add another 3 cups of water. Cover and let the crock pot do it’s thing in high. This is gonna take a while. While you’re waiting…

2013911 tempeh stew4
Put one can of drained and rinsed cannellini beans in the food processor with three cloves of garlic (or to taste).

2013911 tempeh stew5
Puree. Set aside until the beans in the crock pot are done.

2013911 tempeh stew8
My beans were done after about 6 hours. The onions were clear and thin and kind of disappearing – that’s okay, you could taste them in the broth. The broth needed a little spicing up, though, with additional salt and pepper.

2013911 tempeh stew9
Then I added the pureed beans. If you’re going to let this cook a while longer, you could add more onions here.

2013911 tempeh stew10
I stirred the beans in, hoping the soup would get nice and thick…but it did not. So Plan B.

2013911 tempeh stew11
I put 1/2 C teff flour in a bowl and stirred in just enough broth to get it to a gravy-like consistency, then I added it to the soup. That did the trick. Meanwhile…….

2013911 tempeh stew12
I can’t remember the last time I had tempeh.

2013911 tempeh stew13
Cut it into bite-size chunks. I read it can be a little bitter, so…

2013911 tempeh stew14
steam it for about 20 minutes. Apparently the longer you steam it, the less bitter it will be.

2013911 tempeh stew15
Throw it in the stew.

2013911 tempeh stew16
I ate mine with the crusty bread I made the other night.

2013911 tempeh stew17
There’s a lot going on in here, it’s very filling. But I have to admit, tempeh is not my favorite. It still seemed bitter to me, even after steaming. Maybe it’s better to steam it, then brown it in oil, then throw it in the stew. I’ll have to experiment.

2013911 tempeh stew18
Overall, the flavor is really simple but wonderful when you eat it fresh. This makes quite a bit, so I’ve eaten leftover a few times already. It’s not bad leftover, but definitely not the same. This would be perfect a group of friends to eat on a chilly night…much like the nights coming soon to Michigan!!!

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