Marie’s ancho-lentil dogs & peach cupcake

Do you know what Wednesdays mean to me?

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's2
They mean Vegan Dog Day at Marie Catrib’s. All summer long I have looked forward to Wednesdays and filling my face with these vegan dogs.

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's3
This week, the special included a cup of soup…

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's4
I chose the spicy & tangy potato, kale & garbanzo. Huge chunks of potato, lots of kale, a sprinkling of chickpeas. LOTS of black pepper.

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's5
And now we know why they decided to wrap the dogs this time. (To see a pair of nicely plated dogs, as they would appear in the restaurant, check Marie’s Facebook page HERE)

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's7
The Ancho-Lentil dog with black bean corn salsa and jalapeƱo mustard. I would say there is about as much heat in this dog as there is protein – and that’s a lot! I felt very lucky today because mustard is one of my favorite condiments, and it tasted so good with the salsa. Oh. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch today.

I got my order to-go again. I told myself I would not get a dessert, but once I was back in the deli and found myself facing that glass case full of sugary vegan goodness…

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's8
I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t seen the Peach Cupcake before, so I decided to give it a try.

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's9
The vanilla cake was so dense and moist and wonderful,

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's10
and the frosting luscious and thick.

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's11
LOOK AT IT. There’s peach jam or something on top, and you can also see little bits of it throughout the frosting. I kind of cut around the edge and saved the center, with the most frosting piled on, for my dad since he’s a frosting junky. He said maybe one day we’ll go to Marie’s and try one of every dessert. We can dream, can’t we?

0 thoughts on “Marie’s ancho-lentil dogs & peach cupcake

    • It is sweet, but not over the top. You might like the cupcake with just a little jam (or whatever that was) spread on top instead of the frosting. Although, for “normal” people, I bet the frosting wouldn’t be considered very sweet, either.

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