I had to go to Harvest Health last week to pick up a couple things, which turned into several things. One of them was this cashewtopia raw agave gelato from Organic Nectars. It was on clearance!!!!!

2013912 cashew ice cream
Just a cute little pint…

2013912 cashew ice cream3
Pretty much explains itself.

2013912 cashew ice cream4
I would probably only pay full price for a special occasion, like maybe for Pascha. I mean, it’s good – REALLY good. I’m just cheap.
When I got home from the store I decided to taste one little bite before I started making dinner. For some reason I already made up my mind it was going to be kind of gross. Well, I was wrong.
It was really creamy and tasty, I didn’t notice any weird aftertaste like you get from soy or rice milk ice cream. It was much closer to my favorite, coconut milk ice cream. In fact I think they’re tied for favorite now. There were mostly just little bits of cherry and tiny swirls of chocolate, but as I kept digging I ended up finding two whole cherries. Then when I got to the bottom…because, yes, I ate the whole thing in one sitting and was way too full for a real dinner – when I got to the bottom, I found a TON of chocolate. It was wonderful.

If you have a few extra bucks to spend, this is definitely worth trying. You just might want to save it for *after* dinner.

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  1. Now that you’ve tried and enjoyed it will you be making your own? I love cashew “yogurt” so someday when I’m in the mood for a sweet I’ll check out your cashewtopia!

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