Spirulina Popcorn

I’m still exploring new ways to use my giant jar of spirulina. I tried it in grape juice which is just fine, but not very fun. I’ve made Kelpy Corn in the past, so I decided to give it a shot with spirulina.

2013916 spirulina popcorn2
Nothing too fancy here…

2013916 spirulina popcorn3
Just pop a big ol’ bowl of popcorn. I use my air popper because I’m going to add TONS of fat to make the toppings stick (and because I love it). I usually put a bunch of the popcorn in a smaller bowl, then add it back to the bigger one a little at a time adding to each layer:
A light drizzling of olive oil, a sprinkling of salt, a little nutritional yeast, a little spirulina, a little garlic. Stir often to coat.

With all the other stuff on the popcorn, you can only faintly taste the spirulina. Of course if you’re not expecting it, it might be a little unpleasant, so don’t try to surprise anyone with it or sneak it in!! Not that you really could, haha. But I really liked it, I ate it two nights in a row. The only downside is green fingernails…but it washes right off. Keep a napkin handy.

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