World Market chipotle tortilla dark chocolate

I must be doing a lot of emotional eating lately or something, I can’t get enough sweets! And, as far as sweets are concerned, nothing is more comforting to me than chocolate. Last week while I was at World Market I decided to try one of their chocolate bars.

2013917 world market chocolate
They had a few vegan options that all sounded great, but I went with the chipotle tortilla because…well, I guess because I love nachos.

2013917 world market chocolate3
It says dark chocolate, but it’s really not so dark. 54% cacao. But I think you need it to be sweeter to counteract the saltiness of the chips.

2013917 world market chocolate4
In fact, I doubt you’d know you were eating chips if it didn’t say so on the label. I tested my hypothesis on my dad, asking him to tell me what he thought was in the chocolate, and it was just as I thought – there’s something crunchy, and it tastes like salt. That’s fine with me because salt is pretty much my favorite earthly thing, and salt in chocolate is fantastic. Then after that initial pop of flavor, there’s the slight burn of the chipotle. The more you eat, the spicier it gets.

This was very good and I’ll probably buy it again, after I try just the plain old dark chocolate with sea salt. Glad I’m getting a new gym membership!

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    • I love mixing different ingredients together, and especially with chocolate. However…well, I’m a vegan 🙂 So, I haven’t tried it with bacon, but I certainly would if I ate meat! I’m sure it’s sacrilegious to do so, but maybe I’ll try to make a vegan version….

      • I just didn’t know! I’m vegan too, and am new to your site, so didn’t realize. 🙂 I’ve seen the bacon one and wondered about it! Yes, try to make a vegan version!! I’m now following you, so hopefully I get to read all about it soon!

        • Aww, thanks for the follow!
          Now I’m inspired to try a vegan version. I did get an interesting non-vegan chocolate bar for my foodie pen pal, should be posting about it in a few days or so.

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