Seoul Dog!!!!!!!

Today was the second-to-last Vegan Dog Day at Marie’s. Today’s special: the Seoul Dog.
I know, two restaurant posts in a row, and they’re from the same restaurant. Sorry. I keep eating popcorn for dinner and either Marie’s or a little bag of nuts for lunch. I’m trying to snap out of it. Anyway.

2013918 hotdog day
Today’s lovely soup is Moroccan with chickpeas and lentils.

2013918 hotdog day2
Oh, and cabbage and big chunks of tomato and garlic. And lemon. And cinnamon. A couple years ago Marie brought a huge tray of vegan cabbage rolls to a Lenten potluck at church. Those were filled with rice instead of lentils, but other than that, this tastes just like the cabbage rolls. The cabbage rolls were the biggest and fattest I have ever seen, and I loved every bite. That’s how I felt about this soup, and it made me think of Marie and smile.

2013918 hotdog day3
And what have we here?

2013918 hotdog day4
The Seoul Dog!

2013918 hotdog day5
Pickled cucumber salad, sesame seeds and seasoned toasted nori…

2013918 hotdog day8
stuffed with Korean BBQ portobellos and sriracha.

2013918 hotdog day9
LOTS of portobellos! And lots of heat. It built slowly, but by the end my mouth was on fire. It felt good.

2013918 hotdog day6
It was so good, I ended up eating the second hotdog instead of saving it for tomorrow’s lunch. At least I didn’t get a dessert today, I guess somehow I knew I was going to fill up on lunch. The guy at the counter told me these were very, very good. He was right. I’m going to miss Vegan Dog Day…can’t wait to see what they have for the final week!

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  1. Wow, that looks tasty. It’s getting to be dinner time here and after reading your post, now all I want is a portobello slathered Seoul Dog! Hm….wonder if I can rustle up something kinda like this using the stuff I have here…. hm…. 🙂

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  4. Ok – I have moved from Grand Rapids to Houston Texas and MISS Marie Catrib’s soooo much, especially the tumeric cole slaw – is there ANY way you might be able to find/create/duplicate their recipe? Pretty please?

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