skinny mini sandwich

I mentioned last night, I have been very bad lately and not making much to eat. Well, this is what happens on the days I don’t get to Marie’s.

2013919 ezekiel sandwich
When we were little kids, my dad would buy a special treat for my siblings and I each week when he went grocery shopping. I always asked for a Butterfingers, I think my sister got a Snickers bar and our brother a Bar None. Unfortunately the Bar None is no longer sold, except in Mexico. Anyway, all that to say our dad now buys me a special treat from the vending machine at work each week. A bag of chips. Chips are great with sandwiches.

2013919 ezekiel sandwich3
To go with it, I made this tiny little sandwich by cutting one long slice of Feldkamp Fitness bread in half. I spread spicy mustard on one slice and Vegenaise on the other, sprinkled one side with a little nutritional yeast, and piled on two torn up leaves of romaine lettuce.

This is what I’ve been reduced to. I did do some baking last night, I’ll post it later.

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