easy pea-sy soup

A couple weeks ago I ordered green pea flour from Amazon, high in protein and iron. I’ve been adding it to my instant breakfast mix (recipe coming soon), and recently I decided to use it to make a soup. There’s a recipe for 3 minute soup on the bag, but it’s just flour, water and bouillon. That didn’t sound too awesome. So, I did a 15 minute version. Totally worth the wait. Makes 2 servings.

2013923 pea soup
Heaping 1/2 C finely chopped onion, 1 stalk chopped celery. Not pictured, 3 cloves of garlic, chopped.

2013923 pea soup2
Saute onions, garlic and celery in oil over medium heat, season to taste with salt, pepper, parsley and a bit of onion powder (yes, it does taste different than fresh onions). Once the celery & garlic begin to soften and the onions are clear,

2013923 pea soup3
add 2 C water.

2013923 pea soup4
Green pea flour. It’s gluten free, too!

2013923 pea soup5
3 Tbsp green pea flour.

2013923 pea soup6
Add a bit of water and stir for gravy-like consistency. The color is INTENSE.

2013923 pea soup7
Add to veggies and hot water, stirring as you pour it in. Stir, stir, stir until it thickens.

2013923 pea soup8

2013923 pea soup9
With nutritional yeast.

2013923 pea soup10
The flour itself, uncooked, seriously tastes like dirt. In this soup, it is wonderful. The little bits of garlic are fantastic.

2013923 pea soup11
Now for a variation. I made the soup again with the same base, but I added 3 Tbsp of Wayfare “sour cream”.

2013923 pea soup12
Made a nice creamy base.

2013923 pea soup13
This time I just added the pea flour right to the pot,

2013923 pea soup14
stirred it up, then added the water and heated & stirred until it thickened. The thickness was the same, but it did slightly alter the flavor, in a very pleasant way. I think it was just the added fat 🙂

2013923 pea soup15
Speaking of delicious fat…

2013923 pea soup16
Bacon seitan. I was sold on the packaging.

2013923 pea soup17
Well, I admit, this looks nothing like bacon.

2013923 pea soup18
It looked like it was getting crispy, but it was really getting overcooked and a bit dry. I recommend cooking it in oil. Even though it looked and tasted nothing like bacon,

2013923 pea soup20
the smoky flavor was a nice addition to the peas soup. I guess that’s why split pea and bacon is so popular, eh? I need to make my own facon, but meanwhile this seitan stuff is fun to play with. I found it was best to let it soak in the soup for a minute before eating.

What is your favorite soup to warm up with on a chilly fall evening?

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