vegan dog day: Memory Eternal

Well, something tragic happened today. I was anxiously awaiting an update from Marie’s to see what kind of vegan hotdogs they’d be serving for the lunch special. If you’ve been reading the blog for very long, you know I look forward to Vegan Dog Day at Marie’s all week long. It made my summer. I thought this was the very last week, and maybe it’d be something extra extra special. But no. There was no Vegan Dog Day. The special today was a veggie sub. Okay, it was a vegan eggplant and quinoa meatball sub on their freshly baked branny oat buns, with heirloom tomato chutney, vegan garlic cheez, and fresh arugula, and it sounded delicious. BUT STILL.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I try just try the sub? Should I eat elsewhere? I get really hung up on the idea of eating a certain thing, I think it must be some kind of sickness, and I get very upset if I can’t eat what I thought I was going to. So upset, I skipped lunch altogether. And dang it, that sub sounded good! I guess I could just order the Larry David next time since that’s what the dogs are made of…but I sure am going to miss Vegan Dog Day. Anyway. Here’s a recap of most of the hotdogs I was privileged to try.

2013912 chili ancho dog Marie's7
The chili ancho dog with black beans & corn salsa, fresh cilantro and plenty of mustard.

2013718 vegan hot dog day3
Cajun Dogs topped with fresh garlicky slaw, with spicy mustard and jalapenos.

201395 vegan soul dog5
The Soul Dog, with okra and red bell pepper, spicy vegenaise, and a wonderful – and huge – side of vegan mac n cheese.

2013918 hotdog day4
And finally, the Seoul Dog, with pickled cucumber salad, sesame seeds, seasoned toasted nori. And the bun was stuffed with Korean BBQ portobellos and sriracha.

2013815 Marie's2
New York street cart-style dogs with sweet red onion sauce, mustard and sauerkraut.

Chili dog – forgot my camera
Kimchi dog – lunch partner refused to eat kimchi
Tokyo dog – lunch partner fed up with my repeated requests to eat the “same” thing at the same restaurant every Wednesday.

Although today is a sad day for me, I am going out for Thai with Z and JMoney. Maybe that will cheer me up. Do you have a favorite restaurant you could eat at every single day??

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  1. Yup! I could eat the house salad at Gaia every single day for the rest of my life and never tire of it. So fresh and the miso Caesar salad dressing is the best! I always ask for extra. They have other goodies but for the past 5 years or more I’ve been stuck on the salad. I’ve started to change it up by occasionally ordering their fried potatoes with onions which I add to the salad. YUM. And sometimes the soup of the day hooks me. . . . but always, always, always the salad.

  2. 1. I’m starting to look forward to Vegan Dog Day at Marie’s, too, though I have close to no hope of ever eating there.
    2. There’s that infamous Seoul Dog!! Ahhh!! Me want.
    3. Who are you eating with? Just based on their hands they look frustrated that you are taking the photo and they can’t chow down! Haha!

    • The hands are saying just what his (coworker) mouth said: “Are you seriously taking a picture? You just took a picture last week!”

      Grand Rapids is a wonderful city for vegans. If you ever want to go on a grazing vacation…well, this is the place!

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