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So. More Thai food. Wednesday night JMoney and I went to Erb Thai for a sort of going-away dinner for Z. JM loves spicy food, so we were surprised he’d never had Thai before.

2013928 erb thai
Luckily we had plenty of fresh rolls at the table. I got one order for an appetizer for myself, Z got 2 orders to have as her main meal.

2013928 erb thai2
So we had 12 total. They’re just lettuce, carrots, and cucumber in a rice wrap, Z added tofu to hers. I got the sweet dipping sauce, she got peanut. These are wonderful to cool your tongue if you’re eating a very spicy dish, like JM did. He ordered the Tom Yum soup with medium heat. The waitress warned him medium is actually very, very spicy, but I think that just made him want it even more. He choked on it a few times and I saw tears in his eyes, but thanks to Z sharing a fresh roll, he did it! He ate the whole bowl of soup.

2013928 erb thai3
I ordered the Lime Leaf Curry, and I didn’t even think about it until right now looking at the pictures, but…there were no whole lime leaves in my dish!

2013928 erb thai5
So all I had was a plate of tons of bell peppers and rice in red curry sauce, with the added tofu. It still tasted delicious, but I wonder what it would’ve been like with the lime leaves. Oh well.
I ordered mine mild+. When I order mild, it’s just sweet with no heat at all. Mild+ was actually pretty spicy.

This restaurant is very good about making dishes vegan on request. The service was fast and friendly, even though it was pretty busy when we got there. Definitely a restaurant I’d recommend.

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  1. I love their spring rolls. They are so fresh, especially in comparison to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants.
    I always order my dishes extra hot. I will try Erb Thai hot on my next visit. ^^

  2. Mmmmmmm…….I’ve been craving fresh spring rolls! Over the years I’ve learned to order a 10 as in “Thai” hot otherwise it’s way too mild. Quite often lime leaf is substituted with lime zest. 1 tablespoon of zest is equal to 6 leaves. You can also use the leaves from other citrus tress which means the next time you visit your grandmother you can ask for some of the leaves from her lemon tree. You could also add leaves from lemony herbs, like lemon balm, lemon thyme or lemon verbena along with the zest. .

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