vitamin d, naturally

2013101 spilled milk
A couple years ago I saw an interesting ad on a billboard. It showed a very tanned and beautiful woman dumping out her glass of milk, and above the picture the sign read, “Vitamin D, Naturally.” Below was the address of a nearby tanning salon.

I am thinking of this now because we’re getting what will probably be our last two warm, sunny days of the year in these parts this week. Somehow the sun seems more natural to me than a tanning bed…. Since vitamin D is one of the vitamins our bodies can store and release as needed, I think I will spend my lunchtime outside and try to get a little something to hold me over through at least part of the winter. Anyone else having a picnic this week?

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  1. It’s on our to do list! Be sure to take your sunglasses off while you’re out in the sun so that it’s bright golden rays get into your eyes!

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