the no picnic salad

Yesterday was a huge disappointment. We were supposed to have sunshine, it was supposed to be 80 degrees out. I was going to have a little picnic, and I picked a couple apples off the tree in our front yard and made a colorful salad for the occasion.

2013102 no picnic salad
I used these beautiful hot pink radishes, they’re long like carrots.

2013102 no picnic salad2
And, ya know, the salad basics.

2013102 no picnic salad4
For the dressing I combined a couple tablespoons of Wayfare vegan sour cream with a little olive oil, nutritional yeast, pepper, and onion powder. I made it the night before so I had the salad and dressing in separate containers, and I could not wait to sit outside in the sun and mix up my salad. But…

2013102 no picnic salad8
What sun??

2013102 no picnic salad9
Oh, you mean that weird, dull light hiding behind all those clouds? Yeah. It was not a good day for a picnic. It was kind of cold out, and windy.

2013102 no picnic salad6
I ate my salad in my office. I had to add a lot of salt – be sure to add salt to your dressing, at least a pinch.

I also remembered why I cannot stand to go to restaurants where the only vegan thing available is a salad. A salad has to be HUGE to fill me up. About 10 minutes after eating this salad and an apple, I was hungry again. Next time I’ll make a great big salad, and put lots of stuff in it…nuts, maybe some tortilla chips. Or beans. Or just lots and lots of olive oil or tahini sauce.

I’ll try again this afternoon. It’s hard to trust the weatherman, but I’m always hopeful. And I do love a good, fattening salad.

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  1. Yup, adding protein to your salad will “beef” it up. Quinoa is great b/c it will stick with you. The sun is out! Hopefully it will be blazing during your lunch hour. Would you like company?

    • Oh, you must have missed my post from earlier this summer. The tree in the front yard, next to the pine, is a regular old apple tree. Dad doesn’t think it was producing fruit until just recently. It’s filled with apples now, and ever since we discovered it I’ve noticed apple trees all over the place around here! And apples spilling into the street. Hm. It’s a little weird.

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