parking lot picnic

2013103 forbidden pudding picnic5
Okay, although Tuesday was very disappointing, yesterday was sunny and gorgeous!

2013103 forbidden pudding picnic3
I sat out on a grassy hill at the back of the parking lot with a good book, and a nice lunch: forbidden rice pudding, sweet chili pistachios, an apple, and a fruit strip. I got full this time 🙂

2013103 forbidden pudding picnic4
It was good to read a few pages of my book without having to worry about a ringing phone. I thought about laying down for a few minutes, but then I noticed the little ants and spiders everywhere and decided against it. It was still very pleasant, much better than sitting inside. Now when winter comes and I’m stuck in the office, I can look at that picture of the sun…maybe it will help a little.

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