brick road pizza splurge

I broke my spending freeze last night. I know, only 8 days in! But this was an outing I planned weeks ago, so…it doesn’t count. And there was a special deal last night, 12″ two topping pizza for $10. Yes, it is a little pricey, but they use quality ingredients and it’s really, really good pizza!!

2013109 brick road pizza
I always have to get the Brick Road Sticks. The menu says “also available vegan and gluten free, which seemed perfect since I’m a vegan and Amanda is gluten free. Unfortunately, it should’ve read “vegan, or gluten free.” The vegan bread sticks are made with gluten, and the gluten free are made with eggs. Luckily the waitress let me get just a half order, I thought that was pretty nice of her.

2013109 brick road pizza2
The special only includes marinara sauce, not any of the fancy sauces. That’s okay, though, because their original sauce is fantastic.

2013109 brick road pizza3
My two toppings were kalamata olives and roasted garlic. TONS of olives, and quite a bit of garlic. It was hard to get a bite without at least one of them. I also like that the crust is very narrow. I mean, I like crust, but I’d rather have more sauce and toppings. There are plenty of spots on a Brick Road pizza where the sauce, and sometimes even the toppings, go all the way to end of the crust. THANK YOU.

2013109 brick road pizza4
So when we came in, the gentleman who seated us asked if we’d like a table in the back. I guess I haven’t been to Brick Road in a while because I didn’t even know there was a back!

2013109 brick road pizza5
Sorry the pictures are dark, it’s because of the mood lighting they have back there. There’s a big corner booth for larger parties, a regular size booth or two, and a couple little sweetheart booths. We sat in a sweetheart booth…we didn’t quite realize how small it was until we sat down, but we just decided to go with it. And as you can see in the background, there are little pub tables, too. And you know what else is back there?

2013109 brick road pizza6
A bar. So in other words, they pretty much have everything. One thing we found out they don’t have – a TV. A couple came in and wanted to watch something on TV and were informed they don’t have one yet. Personally, I hope they never get one. Unless they’re going to keep the sound off. But that’s just me.

Do you like prefer a bar with or without a television?

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  1. Wait…what? They have a “back”? Who knew? I haven’t been there in awhile but I still never knew. I keep meaning to go sometime for the pizza buffet. Yes, please.

    Speaking of vegan pizza, also recently (a couple months ago) discovered that Chicago 7 Pizzeria (on 28th, in Cascade, just a little east of that huge Meijer (village!) has about 5 vegan pizza options.

    And, sells vouchers for that place (even better!).

    Haven’t been there yet but I plan to (hopefully soon).

    • I know! That evening we were going to grab a booth in the main room when a manager or someone asked if we’d like to sit in the back. “The what?” I hope it stays quiet and kind of private, it was really nice back there!

      I’ll have to check out Chicago 7 Pizzeria. I work near there, and with Pizza Week 2014 beginning on Monday, this is very good to know!

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